Abdominal Separation (DRAM)

What is DRAM?

Diastasis Recti Abdominis Muscles (DRAM). Sounds bad. Lots of Latin. DRAM is the separation of the abdominal muscles that occurs during and after pregnancy. As your baby grows, your uterus expands which places pressure on the abdominal muscles and causes them to separate. Good for the baby, not so great for your tummy. The good news is: This is a completely normal phenomenon that occurs as your body adapts to accommodate your growing baby.

Why does DRAM happen?

During pregnancy, the uterus expands (as it should!), this exerts pressure on the abdominal muscles and stretches the connective tissue (linea alba – vertical line)) that supports them. This leads to the separation of the abdominal muscles (DRAM). Although this is totally normal, you may feel like yours is a biggie and it’s affecting your ability to properly use your abs.

What can you do about DRAM?

Stay Active: Incorporate gentle postpartum exercises into your routine to strengthen your abdominal muscles. Try movements like: pelvic tilts, light core engagement, and controlled breathing to get the healing happening and gently improve muscle tone. If you need help with this, your best option is to see a Pelvic Health Physio.
Utilise Supportive Gear: There’s some excellent evidence for the use of abdominal binders in the post-partum period. Explore options like belly binders (great name for a punk rock band) or compression wear to provide additional support to the healing of your abdominal muscles. These garments can be a God-send in reducing discomfort.
Practice Patience and Self-Care: Remember to be patient with yourself during this transformative period. Healing takes time, and every person’s postpartum journey is unique. Avoid comparison – it’s the thief of joy. Prioritize self-care by nurturing your body with nutritious foods, get plenty of rest, and seek emotional support if needed. Self care is KEY.

How long will DRAM take?

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If pain persists, you may require the help of a professional physio. Contact Brightside Physio to make an appointment.


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