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What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

CTS is a Barry Crocker. It’s basically when your median nerve (nerve on the inside of your arm) gets squashed around the wrist and makes your hand/wrist sore and often feel ‘funny’ (not ‘haha’ funny – more ‘weird’ funny). Numbness, pins and needles and pain are the usual symptoms and it can be pretty rough at night – often related to the position of your wrist when you’re asleep.

Why does carpal tunnel syndrome happen?

Any reason the wrist can get squashy. It’s more likely in women, pregnancy, diabetes, overweight folks, old wrist injuries and if you do a lot of repetitive actions/vibrations (could be work related). Less space around the nerve means it can get irritated and starts talking to you (or yelling if its really grumpy).

What can you do about carpal tunnel syndrome?
Carpal Tunnel Physiotherapy in Newcastle.

Firstly, don’t panic! There are ways of managing this yucky nerve condition. Gentle stretching, gentle massage and gentle strengthening can help (talk to your physio first). Sometimes a brace can help – especially at night. If you are pregnant, CTS may self resolve postpartum or you may benefit from bracing/taping. If its work related – discover what the possible reasons your nerve is getting overloaded and think through possible solutions (for example changing the type of mouse you use). Weirdly, working on your upper back mobility and strength can also help. If all else fails – surgery to ‘release’ the nerve pathway around your wrist can be effective.

How long will carpal tunnel syndrome take?

Hard to say with this condition. It really depends on the ‘why’. It can be many months of management if its pregnancy related and if it’s a diabetic cause or arthritic – can be even longer time frames. Stay positive and talk through possible solutions with your physio.


Check further up the arm/neck. Sometimes the median nerve is getting sticky more around the neck and shoulder and a good physio should be able to determine where the root cause is. And then treat it!

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