Disc Injury/Bulge


Mod – high

6 – 52 wks

Facet joint sprain

What is a disc bulge?

Bulge. Prolapse. Slipped. Bustedcustarddusted. Everyone has heard of the dreaded disc injury. It’s worth dispelling a few myths immediately. Your disc can’t ‘slip’. It can’t fall down the back of your leg into your foot. Discs are tough mofos and even the word ‘prolapse’ is a bit fearifying for our liking. The truth is that discs can get injured like the rest of your body but they heal! (They can take a bit longer than other injuries though). And a little known fact is that if they push out a bit they can also retreat a bit as they heal – good times!

Why does a disc bulge happen?

There are 2 types we see.
1/ An acute injury. You helped a mate build a retaining wall and the 400th wheelbarrow of cement pushed a little too far and the disc went ‘OUCH’. This is an acute injury and can be very painful – but most (90%) of these injuries get better over the course of 6-8 wks.
2/ Long termers. This is more the gradual load over a long period that causes the disc to get stressed and then say ‘OUCH’. A good example would be someone who sits for 12-14hrs a day and then decides to start training for a marathon. These can take a bit longer to resolve because they took longer to develop. But they can still get better!

What can you do about a disc bulge?
Disc Injury/Bulge Physiotherapy in Newcastle.

1. Clear other serious medical issues. See your physio. Is there any weird sensations down your leg? Does your leg feel weak? Have you got any issues going to the toilet? If so – you might need a scan. 

2. Don’t panic. The pain can be pretty debilitating and so fear can really get into your guts. Move as you can within pain. Change position. Take painkillers. Use heat. See your physio.
3. Strengthen your muscles. You’ll probably be a bit weak after the injury (totally normal) and lets face it – you were a bit weak before the injury happened too…SO GET STRONG.

How long will a disc bulge take?

For an acute disc 6-8 wks should see most of your pain resolve. More serious injuries can take up to 12 months mainly due to discs being slower healing than muscles and tendons and ligaments. If it’s a bad injury or if there is any nerve involvement – it may take longer.


Don’t miss your whole health. If I had a dollar for every patient that did a disc after a prolonged period of stress or dodgy sleep – I would have at least $65. Notice what was happening in your life up to the injury and it might give you some insight as to ‘why’.

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