Easing the work from home blues

BY Ben Hutton

If you’re someone working from home, or long days at the office and struggling with pain or stiffness- this article is for you.

You might be working from a laptop on a cluttered dining table, or maybe you’ve got the old familiar neck pain + headache, or the lower back is giving you hell. If this sounds like you- read on for some gold-plated strategies:

1. Move

Intertia is a killer. if you’re stuck in the same position for long stretches of time it has a bunch of anti-health outcomes. So- set an alarm for every hour, stand up and stretch, shake it off, do the macarena, 5 push-ups, and then get back to work. 30 seconds will do. Walk at lunch. Walk before work. Walk after work. Movement is King.

Movement is KING

2. Workstation First Aid

Ideally, get a sit-stand desk, a proper chair and a separate keyboard (if you’re using a laptop). If not, try to stick to some basic principles. Feet supported, hips just above knees. Knees at 90 degrees. Eyes looking slightly down on mid-screen. Mouse and keyboard at elbow level.

3. Get stretchy

The bits of our body that get stiff and tight when we sit for a long period are the bits that need more attention. Your upper back and the front of your hips are likely to be key stiff bits that need a stretch. Lie on your back on a rolled up towel (lengthwise) for 5-10 mins then do 2 mins of hip flexor stretching. If you want to do more, try calf and hamstring stretches and maybe some neck + shoulder wiggles to give them some WD40.

As they say in the ads, “if pain persists…” see a good physio. If you’re experiencing pain or stiffness, we can help and we want to give as many folk relief as we can. It’s the best job in the world.

To start reducing your pain and stiffness, book online or call us on 02 4062 8862.