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What is gluteal tendinopathy?

Gluteal Tendinopathy is literally a pain in the butt. Not funny. Can be extremely debilitating. Can stop you sleeping well on the sore side. Can make walking a punish and going up steps a full blown crisis. Technically – it’s a tendon that gets overloaded and grouchy and mostly its a muscle called gluteus medius that is the criminal. Gluteal tendons have an unhappy marriage with hip bursitis and sometimes lower back pain. So it can end up being a cluster of clicking, clanking, close-to-calling-rude-words hip pain.

Why does gluteal tendinopathy happen?

Usually a weak bum. And a stiff hip. No offence is meant or judgement of your buttock shape and size, but weakness in the posterior really can cause a multitude of sins. Gluteal tendinopathy is much more common in middle-aged women (Discussing the reason for this requires a bottle of cabernet and 11/10 curiosity). An interesting fact about cause is that it can be either too much activity (overload) or too little activity (underload). Both under and over can lead to the tendon having a temper tantrum. So look out for periods of sustained inactivity (hello covid) or increased activity (you joined a hiking group).

What can you do about gluteal tendinopathy? Gluteal Tendinopathy Physiotherapy in Newcastle.

Steady as she goes – these dodgy bum issues need slow, gentle increases in strength. A good physio will help get your hip moving better, guide the rehab in a sensible way and reduce your pain.

How long will gluteal tendinopathy take?

I’ll be straight with you here – these can take a while. Tendons don’t heal quickly because their blood supply is low. And, you have to walk, so the gluteal tendon gets load just in normal life. So expect it to be 3 months before you see some decent results and possibly longer in long-term cases. But be hopeful! They get better!


Its a little tricky to understand but, getting your upper back (thoracic spine) moving better can shift the needle on these gluteal tendon troubles. It has to do with your centre of gravity and how well you use your bum muscles. Best to ask the physio – otherwise its just physio gobbledegook.

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If pain persists, you may require the help of a professional physio. Contact Brightside Physio to make an appointment.


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