Golfer’s Elbow



6 – 12wks

Ulnar nerve

What is golfer’s elbow?

The lesser known cousin of tennis elbow. Golfer’s elbow is actually ‘medial epicondylitis’ or inflammation of the tendon that attaches to the inside knobbly bit of your elbow. Close to the funny bone. Golfer’s elbow happens as a result of too much load placed onto the tendon that connects your forearm muscles to the bone. For example – lots of golf! Basically the tendon becomes a bit irritated with the extra load and then starts getting inflamed and talks to you about this process with PAIN.

Why does golfer’s elbow happen?

Mostly overuse. Could be a repetitive task or several days of use or a sudden increase in weight at the gym or just simply lifting a heavy wheelbarrow in the back garden a bunch of times. Mostly Golfer’s elbow happens due to too-much-too-soon. On a micro level, when the elbow tendon is stressed it changes. It can develop tiny little strains (microscopic) that are a bit like a rope that is frayed (but still works!)

What can you do about golfer’s elbow? Golfer’s Elbow Physiotherapy in Newcastle.

1. Get some light load on. Its weird but you don’t want to completely rest your Golfer’s elbow – this can actually make it worse because the muscle then gets weaker = more tendon stress. Give it some gentle strength work under the guidance of your physio. Small weights. Isometric strength. 2. Forget stretching it. Golfer’s elbow is actually not a length issue but a strength issue. So stretching it will likely make no difference at all, or even make it worse. 3. Sometimes it helps to have some massage of the muscle + mobilising on the elbow to help reduce pain. Golfer’s elbow can be really sore so pain relief can be very front of mind. 4. Look further up the chain. Often there is a weakness/stiffness pattern into the neck and shoulder that can be a strong contributor. If so – it’s a definite fixerrupper.

How long will golfer’s elbow take?

5-6 weeks should see you doing much better – especially if its a recent problem. If you’ve done the whole ‘It’ll-get-better-on-it’s-own-and-4-years-later-it’s-still-there’ sort of dance – it might take a bit longer.


Gotta check the ulnar nerve. There is a surprising amount of ‘golfer’s elbow’ that is actually a nerve irritation. If you’ve got some funny sensations into your pinky finger, or radiating pain up/down the arm or a feeling that your skin is sensitive – you might have a nerve problem rather than a tendon problem. Or if you’re really lucky – both!

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