On ageing and saggy bits

BY Ben Hutton

“What do you expect – you’re old.”

Cate told me that she’d heard this said to her by her last physio and the GP and the specialist. She felt discouraged and not a little annoyed. After all, isn’t 70 the new 60? And why does her active and full life have to be cut down to a stump by medical folk who don’t really listen?

See, Cate loves walking. Walks with the husband. Walks with the bestie. Walks in Tassie and Flinders and even the Camino before Covid put a full-stop to overseas adventure. But the walking causes pain – in her low back, hips and knees. Enough to make her stop, take some stoic deep breaths and try and push on. But damn it – its sore. And the morning after teeth-grinding throbbing pain from back to toes.

I gave Cate a clear explanation of why she had pain and that she didn’t have to live like this. I gave her 3 key exercises for her thigh muscles and moderately saggy bum muscles, taped her legs and back a few times and 6 weeks later she nearly bounced into the treatment room. Her pain was reduced to half and her life had suddenly become brighter.


You can always improve. At ANY age. 

And while there is some truth in : As we age our bodies need more care, its also true that you can always improve. At ANY age. After all, aren’t we all trying to become better versions of ourselves?

(triumphantly) “I proved them wrong!”

What Cate needed was hope, a plan and effective physiotherapy. She also needed someone to actually listen to her goals and help her get on with hitting them.

I’ve got the best job in the world.

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