The pains of pregnancy


‘I’m sorry, it’s just been one of those days’

Gemma* (31) initially arrived at her first appointment 15 minutes late, two-year-old in tow, looking slightly dishevelled and very, very pregnant. 

She explained that her two-year-old daughter had just thrown one of her famous, ear-splitting tantrums. She continued to apologise. I told her not to sweat it, these things happen. 

Gemma had come in to the clinic for help with back pain. The kind of pain that can only be brought on by lugging around a squirmy toddler whilst 35 weeks pregnant. 

“I’ve had pain for the majority of my pregnancy, but didn’t really think I could do anything about it, you know, pregnancy is just painful!”

She wasn’t wrong. Pregnancy can be painful. But where she was mistaken was that nothing could be done.

I’ve had pain for the majority of my pregnancy 

“I’m sure we can find something that will help” I replied gently.

We worked together to find the specific reasons (other than the fact she was carting a human around on her waist) for Gemma’s pain, and made a plan together on little things she and I could do to help settle it down. I also used some gentle hands-on techniques to get her moving better and reduce her pain.

At her next appointment, Gemma walked in to the clinic beaming. “I can’t thank you enough, all your little tips and exercises have already started to make a difference, I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner!”

“Well” I replied, ” You were right, pregnancy is painful, but we can almost always do something that will help.”

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