Why everything you’ve heard about arthritis is wrong

By Ben Hutton

Ok, maybe not *everything* but here’s 5 things that are


1. Arthritis pain does not = damage

Arthritis is a part of our bodies getting wear and tear.  It is not a sign that your body is falling apart.  In most cases it is a method that your body uses to talk to you.  Usually to say something like ‘Hey!  Too much walking!’


2. Arthritis does not automatically mean pain

Lots of folks have lots of arthritis and NO PAIN.  On the other hand, lots of folks have Big Pain but NO ARTHRITIS.  I hear you ask ‘why?’  Its complicated – but the short answer is: no two humans are the same and our bodies + brains work differently to others so you can’t always equate arthritis with pain.


3. Why “No pain No gain” doesn’t work

It sounds like something a physio would say, right?  But it’s wrong, mainly because the more you push your body into pain, the more it resists.  Its like poking a bruise – keep doing it and it just gets worse.  So get your pain to reduce before doing exercise and use Physio to help pain so that you can strengthen your muscles better.

Stop squatting. Really. Its probably not helping.

4. Its because you played lots of sport

Nope.  Its not.  There is no evidence that playing sport or even *gasp* long distance running causes arthritis.  In fact, the body is very clever, it adapts to the load from exercise by making your joints healthier and lubes the joint more meaning your body is reacting to exercise in a healthy way!


5. Physio can’t help – you need a knee replacement

What a big bunch of Bunkum. We’ve got lots of research now that tells us that physio can help avoid knee replacements altogether, or at least kick it off a cliff for a while so you might not need it straight away.  Of course some people need the operation but in many cases….they don’t.