The Curious Case of the Dog and the Homework

BY Ben Hutton

Do people really do their physio exercises? Does anyone actually have the single-minded, laser-focused determination to use that rubbery bandy stuff physios give you for a thousand repetitions to solve their 20 year old dodgy shoulder?

Does any sane person wake up with Kid-at-Disneyland excitement to do their slightly ridiculous leg stretchy thing to help the hip thing to make their back better? Well, yes some people do. But not many. And here are some reasons why:

1. Physio exercises are boring. We designed them to induce narcolepsy. Or at least a listless state that is an excellent cure for insomnia. We physios can do better with this, no doubt. We need to Make Exercise Great Again (MEGA). Our aim at Brightside is to put the ‘FUN’ back in ‘EXERFUNCISE’ and the ‘JOY’ back in to ‘THERAJOYBAND’.

Our aim at Brightside is to put the FUN back in EXERFUNCISE

2. There are too many exercises. We’ve got short attention spans. Social media causes it. No point complaining. Less is more. Any more than three exercises need a police warrant. Still reading? Thanks. Short sentences. Stay with me.

3. Physio exercises cause pain. this can be true. However, is it pain from your muscle that feels good? Like a tired muscle that might not have had a lot of use and needed rousing? Or is it aggravating the pain you saw the physio for in the first place? If it’s the second option, it might be worth checking with your physio that you’ve got the right exercise or not overdoing it.

Which brings us to dogs and homework. Some of these reasons may be why you didn’t follow through with your last physio’s prescription. Or you might suggest that your dog ate your physio homework, and you will hear an exaggerated ‘sigh’ from the physio and a question like: ‘Do you even own a dog?’

We want to help at Brightside Physio. MEGA! For 2-3 extremely exciting exercises that don’t make you worse call our lovely team to make an appointment today.