Physio Myth Busting

BY Ben Hutton

You might have questions about physiotherapy. You might be considering booking a session but are unsure if it’s what you need. You might not know how far down the hippie-as-Hemsworth continuum Brightside Physio is (short answer- not very). Here are some common Qs we get asked and my best shot at helpful responses.

1. What’s the difference between Physio, Chiro and Osteo?

A: It depends. There is a lot of cross-over between the professions but then some marked differences. The focus should be what your goals are and how the therapist can help you achieve them. Our belief is: pain reduction = moving better = empowerment and less dependence on your therapist. Be careful with any therapist that uses language that can create fear but sound technical. Terms like ‘slipped disc’, ‘out of alignment’ and ‘Knights in the GF’ are junk science and belong in the bin.

Pain reduction = moving better = empowerment 

2. Do I need to see a physio? Won’t it just get better by itself? 

A: It depends. Some things do settle down by themselves. However, annoyingly, the body doesn’t necessarily return to normal with time. The reasons are complicated and would require the entire Local issue to work through- so here is Ben’s rough, not-very-scientific rule: Give it two weeks. If the pain is manageable, keep moving and notice if it settles. If it doesn’t, it might not get better by itself and would benefit from some excellent Physio (that’s us, obviously).

3. How many sessions do I need?

It depends. On the person, the injury, how long you’ve had it, sleep, diet, mental health, social support, who the prime-minister is and whether you drank that wheat germ from the Mongolian hillsides fertilised by Guinness and the tears of Newcastle sports fans.

Here’s some rough rules: It takes about six to eight weeks for lots of things to heal. It can take three to six months to build some proper ‘oomph’ in muscles. A total knee replacement can take 12 months to rehabilitate. It can take just one session to work out that Ben’s bad jokes and questionable hair are worth overlooking for the excellent care.

If you want to start moving better and reduce pain, book now at Brightside.