Kale and Pale Ale

BY Ben Hutton
Don’t laugh but last January I had planned on healthy living. I was intending to do all of the wholesome things. The list included: sleeping well, no alcohol through the week, meditating every morning, eating a bucket of kale every day, running regularly, surfing lots and limiting my Lindt chocolate intake to 17 per day. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

It’s truthful to say I have managed zero/nil/zip of the above. My dad-bod has steadily grown, horizontally, in line with the pale ale and Lindt consumption and in the kindest possible way, sleep has been an ‘intermittent’ success.

It’s worth remembering for me (and all of us) that we reached the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023 in varying states of worn-out, frazzled and pants-before-shoes cognitive decline. And it’s worth remembering to be kind. Our bodies can tell the story of our year and sometimes this can translate in to pain/stiffness/aches.

New Year’s resolutions are good- but keep the target small. 

Here are some things to look out for in the New Year:

1. New year’s resolutions are good- but keep the target small. It’s likely that if you decide your resolution is to hit the gym three times a day you might find yourself discouraged quickly and give up. Altogether. Start small, just go once or twice a week. Celebrate it with more Lindt balls.

2. If you start some new exercise regime, don’t expect any change for six or eight weeks. It’s just how long it takes in the body for you to notice change. If you’re like me and want to see huge biceps after doing one gym session- this could also be discouraging. So be patient.

3. Take some time to notice your body. Do a ‘self-check’ first thing in the morning. Try doing 10 deep breaths and run a mental scan over your body to see if there’s anything you need to address. Are there any aches, pains, stiff bits or wobbly bits? If they’ve been there a week or so, it might be time to talk to the physio.

Happy New Year everyone! Eat lots of kale and enjoy bubbles in moderate moderation. If you need some expert help with the achy, pain-y type feelings, come and see the legends at our clinic in Lambton.