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your peak.

If you’re spending too much time recovering there’s a better way.

Book an appointment with one of our top physios so you can get the very best out of your dance.

Dancers hate being injured. Injuries limit your career and make you feel hopeless and frustrated. Dance is not just for fun, you take it seriously. So you want your body to be seriously en pointe every day. You need to be sharp for rehearsal, performance, exams, photos, filming, socials and to just releve to the melode. 

If you work hard and push your body for the next big show, does it seem like it just breaks down and pain stops you being at your best? Is grand allegro more of a grind than a joy? Are you finding your bounce back is more of a cold-shoe-shuffle?

Stay Strong.
Should I stop dancing when injured?

When you dance your body becomes like a piece of music. It needs to be used with accuracy and artistry. To express something that is true with your body requires strength. Big strength. Big control. Big movement.

Most physios will tell you to stop dancing when you’re injured. This is often nonsense. At Brightside we believe in keeping you in the centre as much as possible (side barre: Sometimes you need to step off a little to allow your body to settle).

This is what you need to do:

    1. Get strong. Better muscle tone = better dance and less injury. Simples.
    2. Keep dancing. Even if its your basic barre. Or marking. Or doing some body-con. Stay in the game. Its good for your head and your body.
    3. Get the big stuff right: SLEEP 8hrs+. EAT enough and EAT well. HEAD SPACE is key, if you need help (you probably do) get some.
    4. Book in with a physio who knows dance.

    Don’t risk your moment.
    We’ve worked with the best.

    Our physios have helped elite dancers from:
    The Royal Ballet (UK), Tanya Peason Academy, McDonald College, NCD and NDA.

    We know dance. So start here. Start with a Brighter Side to dance. Book an appointment with one of our top physios so you can get the very best out of your dance.


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